Wildlife Photographs For Sale In Prints, Greeting Cards and Posters

As wildlife photographers, we are the keepers of an incredible gift – a visual testament of the beauty of our world - a split second captured for eternity, universal in language and understanding. Our responsibility is vast and the reward is everlasting.

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Crocodile Camouflage
This is a beautiful shot of the endangered Gavial, which is a crocodile and not an aligator!
Crocodiles and alligators are really shy. They rely on natural camouflage and stealth to catch prey. It's amazing how these crocs' jaws and teeth are designed to cut fish and mammals into pieces in a few seconds!
These large reptiles have been around for millions of years, but now they have lost so much of their habitat that they need the help of scientists to survive in our fast changing world.

Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel Rocky Mountains Colorado
I'm not sure if this a Ground Squirrel or, because of the stripes on its back, a Chipmunk. What ever it is, this cute little critter enjoys the last rays of sunlight in its remote part of the Colorado Rockies.
Your camera must always be ready as these rodents are here one second and gone the next unless you happen to come across a rare picture like this.

A Mother's Love - Doe and Fawn
Spring gives way to warm days as the summer season nears, and we begin to see deer fawns, one of the most appealing sights in nature.
The young deer's life of growing into a mature deer begins to unfold, it is growing rapidly. The doe guides the newborn to specific feeding areas, and of course, the fawn quickly learns where the nutrients are. Besides periodically nursing from its mother, the deer fawn is able to forage on its own within just a few weeks after birth. Yet it is still dependent on its mother's milk which has twice the protein and energy per unit volume as cow's milk, is high in fat and vitamins, and possesses colostrum, which is basically an antibiotic to resist disease.

Bird Spa
Fresh water often is in short supply on hot, dry summer days. This water fountain doubles as a bird bath and drinking station. Within ten minutes seven different bird species visited the fountain, one of them was this cheerful male house-finch.
I admired the unique beauty of each one along with their distinctive mannerisms. They seemed to enjoy drinking and splashing with their audience watching them.

Yellow Finch a bright spot of color
A small yellow bird - the yellow Finch - adds bright sunny color to every backyard. To watch these birds is peaceful, enchanting and charming.
Especially on overcast days a charm of yellow Finches (aka gold finch and American finch) does magic ...

Fish Schooling Harmonious Patterns Throughout The Sea
'Why do fish swim in schools' It is the same rule our mothers taught us: Always stay in a group because there is safety in numbers. Bullies will think twice about facing an angry school of fifty fish. And more eyes and noses find more and better food...

Hawk Waiting for Prey
Quite often the Hawk in this photograph is sitting on a pole right outside my backyard where it watches for rodents in the grass.
Lucky me because usually hawks soar in wide circles at a great height, crying a raspy cry, too far away to get a shot.

Rocky mountain bighorn sheep ram and mule deer doe Glacier National Park MT
Glacier National Park never fails to deliver grand splendor, from spectacular vistas, to majestic waterfalls, to roaring whitewater. But the Park's inherent beauty, for me, is best manifest in the up-close and personal views of its resident wildlife.
I ran into this young couple (Mule Deer doe and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep ram) and decided to watch them for a while. My kind of heaven!!

Fat Norway Rat
I was told that this rat is not fat but a pregnant rat looking for a place to have her babies. On average a rat in the wild has a life span of one year. Druing this time the female rat can have up to 84 babies. They, and the parasites they carry, spread many diseases.
However, rats are highly intelligent and social animals. These rodents have an incredible ability to survive. They can scale walls and walk across telephone wires with ease. They are excellent swimmers - capable of navigating a half mile through open water. They are amazingly resilient, easily surviving falls up to 50 feet. By burrowing long tunnels, which can extend 4 vertical feet into the earth, they reduce their exposure to predators. And they are extremely compatible with human behavior and needs and are easy to train.
So yes - rats in the wild are a pest but they are amazing animals. This lady bravely fought two cats ... and she got away. The Rat Rocks!

Marbled Godwit birds at Sunset
Sand, surf and tranquility - that's Southern California's beaches at sunset.
One of the many shorebirds found off the coast of Southern California are Marbled Godwits. They push their long bills all the way into the sand, right down to their faces, then come up with a tidbit to eat.
The birds provide many opportunities for photography, as do Southern California sunsets; they are always lovely over the water.

Lassen Volcanic National Park - Sulfur Works
Lassen Volcanic National Park is a spectacular example of wilderness at its best; rugged landscapes, volcanic activity, abundant wildlife and water in every form.
The Sulfur Works in Lassen Volcanic National Park is where there is still heat. Geologically this is a young volcano so the heat is subsurface - either hot rock or magma. Water seeps down and gets heated and the fluids and vapors come up here.

The Coyote - Dogs are by far more dangerous
I always feel my day is going to be blessed by the Nature God when I run into a coyote or hear its eerie howl.
This member of the dog family is an extremely adaptable, effective and smart surviver. Although only 5-20% of coyote pups survive their first year and 50-70% of juvenile coyotes do not reach adulthood coyotes have survived for thousands of years, and if we take care of them, they`ll be here for thousands more.