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The southwest of the United States offers some of the most unique vistas and landscapes on planet earth. Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Utah offer a wide variety of spectacular scenery, history and people. It's a place that I will return time and again to get a fix of the vast wilderness that is the Great American Southwest.

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Church Abo - Salinas Pueblo Missions Ruins - New Mexico - National Monument
The Catholic Church at Abo, near Mountainair, New Mexico, was built in the 1620's and abandoned in the 1670's.
Until 1982 the ruins were private property and most of what there was to find had already been found and most likely sold. What remains today are austere yet beautiful reminders of the early contact between Pueblo Indians and Spanish Colonials. The ruins of three mission churches, at Quarai, Abo and Gran Quivira, are what is left behind.

Pillars of light - Antelope Canyon AZ
Walk with the Navajo through the graceful curves of Antelope Canyon, with walls illuminated by occasional shafts of light that shines down from above.
The power of these beams causes the gentle curving slot canyon walls to glow red hot like burning logs in a desert campfire.

Mysterious magnificent Antelope Canyon
The mysterious, magnificent colors of Antelope Canyon make it the most photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. This masterpiece of color is located near Page, Arizona, and the Lake Powell area on Navajo land. It is a place of splendid serenity, the sort of spot where people find themselves talking in hushed whispers without quite knowing why.
One of the world's true natural wonders, this slot canyon has been formed over thousands of years by the gradual wear of water rushing through rock.

Death Valley - A Beautiful but Dangerous Place
Death Valley is raw, bare earth, the way it must have looked before life began. Here, forces of the earth are exposed to view with dramatic clarity; just looking out on the landscape, it's impossible to know what year - or what century - it is.
Though known as a barren place, Death valley is also a land of subtle beauties. Whether you're there to watch morning light creep across the eroded badlands or an apricot sunset that sends lengthening shadows to play on the Sand Dunes, it takes only a glimpse of it to get a fresh perspective.

Hoping for Rain - Garden of the Gods Colorado
The red of the rocks in Colorado's 'Garden of the Gods' contrasts sharply with the surrounding greens of the foothills, and the skies above, especially when rain is moving in.
Charles Elliott Perkins (head of the Burlington Railroad) bought the area and kept it in its natural state. Upon Perkins's death in 1907, his heirs gave the remarkable area to Colorado Springs on the condition that it be preserved as a park and open to the public. The park was dedicated in 1909 and is now a Registered National Landmark.

Joshua Tree National Park in California
Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California is much more than 'just' Joshua Trees. The scenery is truly spectacular. Here is a breath of fresh air and a chance to explore and reconnect with nature and yourselves, without having to rough it.

Jewel in the Desert - Lake Powell
Imagine brilliant blue sky, sparkling sunshine, some wispy white clouds, the dramatic layout and colors of the landscape around Glen Canyon and Lake Powell, and you'll get a a real visual treat.
Plus: North America's second largest man made lake is excellent for boating, hiking, houseboats, skiing, kayaking and fishing. With a shoreline longer than the whole western coast of the continental United States, Lake Powell offers adventure for everyone.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse - Cabrillo National Monument San Diego CA
At dusk on November 15, 1855 the light keeper climbed the winding stairs and lit the Point Loma light for the first time, but what seemed to be a good location 422 feet above sea level, had a serious flaw. Fog and low clouds often obscured the light. On March 23, 1891 the light was extinguished and the keeper moved to a new lighthouse location closer to the water at the tip of Point Loma.
Today the Old Point Loma Light House on a scenic hill that sits atop San Diego Bay, in California, USA, still stands watch over San Diego, and is part of 'Cabrillo National Monument', named after Juan Rodrigez Cabrillo of Spain, the first European explorer to see San Diego Bay.

Saguaro Cactus - A very unusual looking tree of the desert
Mention the word cactus and, thanks to western movies, for many people the first thing that comes to mind is the mighty Saguaro cactus.
The magnficent Saguaro cactus (sometimes spelt Sahuaro), a night-bloomer and Arizona's state flower, is the symbol of the Desert Southwest. This tree-like plant grows only in the Sonoran Desert of extreme southeastern California, southern Arizona and adjoining northwestern Mexico.

California Dreaming
For millions of years the sun rises and the sun sets. Still, after seeing the sun sets for hundreds of times, we are still touched. There is little to compare with its brilliance. It catches us until the last of the twilights is gone into the night.

Amazing Mesa Verde Country
Chaco Canyon,Largo Canyon,Cedar Mesa, Mesa Verde, Ute Mountain, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley ... the enchanted canyons and mesas provide a unique experience in the Land of the Navajo and Ute. Their beauty is unsurpassed in southwestern landscapes.

Arch Rock - Amazing show of nature - Christine Till
Arch Rock is one of more than 300 natural rock arches located throughout Nevada's largest State Park, the Valley of Fire.
It took Mother Nature thousands of years to create this Natural Arch. It will most likely take her only seconds to knock it down one day.