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Sports are a popular recreation. They appeal to man's competitive nature, which is related to the survival instinct (as is warfare). Athletic sports encourage personal self-improvement, physical development, and teamwork as a social skill. And as a structured competition sport provides enjoyment for both participants and observers.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride A Special Adventure
Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the most serene, enjoyable activities I have ever experienced. Lifting off slowly, floating calmly with the air currents and getting a birds-eye-view of the world is an unusual yet magical and exciting feeling ...

Young Woman in Whirl Pool
Young woman floating in a whirlpool: In addition to being comfortable, luxurious and relaxing, whirlpool bathtubs have incredible health benefits as well. Let your troubles bubble away, let your mind swirl to something other than the stress ahead

Golf Sport or Game
For some, golf is just a game, but for many it is far more than a sport.
It's a game for all ages we can play for a lifetime.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: 'Man does not quit playing because he gets old; he gets old because he quits playing.'

Horse Drive from June Lake to Bishop California
Dust swirls around the horses and mules as "cowboys" move them from the winter pasture near Bishop to the summer pack station at June Lake in California's Eastern Sierra Nevada. They follow trails created by early ranchers who used old Indian trails ...

Born in the USA - Harley-Davidson
Although I have never owned one, motorcycles and particularly the Harley-Davidson have always interested me. It's history is long and rich, and it is as American as American can get.
Call it temptation, but there's a special aura about a Harley-Davidson. Some call it Harley mania. Others refer to it as Harley culture.
To my fellow Harley lovers, "Ride Safe and keep the shiny side up!"

Monster Trucks - Big Things Go Boom
Monster trucks are one of God's personal gifts to the United States. While they garner more than their fair share of negative attention, any self respecting gearhead has to agree that the mechanical awe inspired by one of these creations is tremendous.
Before anyone out there rolls their eyes and reaches for the downvote button, let's put things into perspective first: Monster trucks weigh three times as much as your car, stand 12 feet tall, push about 1500 horsepower and can literally crush you in a 0 to 60 race. They are 10,000++ pound flying chunks of steel, can run up and over most man-made barriers and are equipped with remote shut-off switches to help prevent an accident if the driver loses control at any time.
Maintaining the $150,000 to $250,000 truck quickly adds up to cost more than the truck itself. However, this does not stop monster truck drivers from lending or giving parts to fix a competitor's truck even when they are slated to go head to head in the next round. It is the friendliest professional motorsport I have ever heard of.

Ford Mustang - This Pony is Always In Style
I love Ford Mustangs from the old to the new. These Wild Ponies will never stop making people's heads turn.
Mustang retains its heritage as the original American made sleek muscle car. The Ford 'Mustang' is a Classic - has been and always will be.

Safety Is Sexy
Though Oatman, AZ, on Historical Route 66, is only a shadow of its former self this 'living ghost town' is well worth a visit.
Oatman with its 'wild' burros roaming the streets is a fun place - the Wild West with lots of photograph opportunities.

Bulldogging at the Rodeo
Rodeo Steer Wrestling, also known as bulldogging, requires not just strength but also finesse and skill. Speed, timing and leverage are essential. A winning time is usually between 3 to 4 seconds, but these big boys keep getting faster and faster.

Seagull on a Surfboard
In 1955 the California gull, Larus californicus, was selected as the state bird of Utah in commemoration of the fact that these white gulls saved the people of the State by eating up the Rocky mountain crickets which were destroying the crops in 1848....

Colors are A Photographers Life
The Del Mar Fair in Southern California bedazzles with color. Especially the slide catches everybody's eyes. It gives an idea on using color. The kids are enjoying the rides ... the photographer enjoys the colors. That's what I call family fun. ...

Ride Utah
Grinding, cutting and carving out a niche for itself, snowboarding has fast become one of the most popular winter sports.
Utah, in the USA Rocky Mountains, is a Snowboarder's Paradise. 500 inches of deep light powder every year that blows up behind you with every turn. It's 'The Greatest Snow On Earth'.
Brighton, UT is one of the hidden gems which welcomes snowboarders. It has a good mix of terrain with nice black diamond runs - the penultimate Utah winter experience!