Landscapes & Waterscapes
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Landscape and Waterscape photography offers a tribute to nature, land and water, bringing them to the foreground where traditionally they were used only as a background to another subject matter

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Delicate Arch The Arches National Park Utah
Arches National Park, Utah preserves over 2,000 natural sandstone arches.
Delicate Arch is one of the most spectacular sights the Park has to offer. Enjoy the short adventure hike to the Arch. It is one of the most beautiful Arches you will ever see.

Death Valley National Park - Eastern California
Spectacular desert scenery, interesting and rare desert wildlife, complex geology, undisturbed wilderness, mysterious sliding rocks, badlands, and may sites of historical and cultural interest, are just some of Death Valley National Park's many wonders.
It receives less than two inches of rain per year, and holds the record in the Western hemisphere for the hottest reliably reported temperature - 134F (56.7C).

Death Valley - A natural geologic museum
Death Valley National Park is the largest American national park outside of Alaska.
Over 130 miles long, but only around 12 miles wide, it is world renowned for its colorful and complex geology. Its extremes of elevation support a great diversity of life, and provide a natural geologic museum that represents a substantial portion of the earth's history.
Death Valley is a great reminder of how precious, sensitive and beautiful our planet is.

Kelso Sand Dune Mojave Desert California
Kelso Sand Dunes of the Mojave Desert are located in the Devil's Playground area, 28 miles south of Baker, California. They are considered 'booming dunes' - when the sand is dry and you cause a small 'avalanche,' a low booming sound can be heard.

The Chicago Lighthouse
The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse is the city's only remaining lighthouse (and one of only two lighthouses in Illinois).
Built in 1893 and relocated to the breakwater in 1919, the Chicago Harbor Lightwas originally built at the Chicago River entrance. While fully automated in 1979, the light still exhibits its original prize winning Third Order Fresnel lens and the proud tower still displays its reassuring beam to welcome mariners to the Windy City.

Mono Basin Landscape - CA
For the last 3-4 million years the whole Mono Basin has been tilting westward and sinking while the Sierra has been rising. This ongoing process has created the majestic contrast of a desert saline lake bordered by high mountain peaks.
Located in California's spectacular Eastern Sierra Nevada, Mono Lake supports a unique and productive ecosystem. The lake has no fish; instead it is home to trillions of brine shrimp and alkali flies. Scenic limestone formations, known as tufa towers, rise from the water's surface. And this oasis in the dry Great Basin is a vital habitat for millions of migratory and nesting birds.

Alcatraz - No escape
In the the San Francisco Bay, between San Francisco and Oakland, California, is Alcatraz Island. To Native Americans it was known as a place of evil spirits.
In 1934 Alcatraz became the legendary "escape-proof" maximum security prison, home to the worst of the worst criminal outlaws in the U.S. Life was hell for the prisoners on "the rock", and in no time it was dubbed "Hellcatraz" and nicknamed "Uncle Sam's Devil's Island."
Alcatraz Prison was closed in 1963, and since 1973 Alcatraz island is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Sunset over La Jolla Shores
La Jolla is one of the many places in Southern California where folks converge at a palm-lined waterfront park each evening to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a sunset over La Jolla Shores!
It's the most incredible, romantic sight....

Sandstorm during Sunset on Old Highway Route 80
Although the temperature was a balmy 72 degrees a sandstorm overtook Historic U.S. Highway 80, California, during sunset. The wind was howling along the once called 'Broadway of America'.
My camera's sensors have never looked as bad as after this shot.

The Peaks - Where earth meets heaven
The San Francisco Peaks, or simply 'The Peaks', are a volcanic mountain range located in north central Arizona near Flagstaff. They collectively represent six summits that circle the caldera of a now quiet volcano. Humphreys Peak is the tallest in Arizona, followed by Agassiz Peak and Fremont Peak.
To the native people of Arizona the now dormant inner core is sacred - it is where earth meets heaven. To the Navajo the Peaks are the most sacred in all the West, and the Hopi believe that Kachina spirits live at the top of the mountains.

Sensuous Sandstone
Northern Arizona and southern Utah are abundant in scenic landscapes. Strong winds carry fine desert sand that erode the rocks in the region to create exquisite shapes and patterns. Driving in Northern Arizona the roadside is spotted with rocks like in this image.
This unusual landscape is a place you're sure to remember for a lifetime.

Zion National Park - A Picturesque Wonderland
Zion National Park, is located in southwestern Utah, presents a diverse collection of nature's wonders that include such features as the towering and magnificent 2,200-foot Great White Throne, the Court of the Patriarchs, the Sentinel, the Watchman, Checkerboard Mesa, Kolob Arch (at 310 feet the world's largest known natural span), and the Narrows of the Virgin River.
Human use of the Zion National Park landscape dates back to at least 6,000 B.C.