Holiday Motifs
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It's either one of the season's most dreaded tasks – or one of its highlights: the annual ritual of sending greeting cards. Of course it's a tradition, but perhaps even the worst of Grinches enjoys getting a unique holiday card in the mail every once in a while.

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Jesus is Chinese
After tens of years of research China's famous scholar Professor Gong Yu Hai put forward a surprising discovery: Jesus is Chinese.
According to Professor Gong Yu Hai an old center empire existed on the earth many thousands of years ago. In this center empire Zhuan Xu was born in 2948 B.C. At the age of 30 Zhuan Xu went west to preach. The religion that Zhuan Xu set up is present Christianity. Zhuan Xu is Jesus' prototype.

Memories of a special Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;'

Mouth-blown hand painted Christmas Ornaments
During the Dark Ages, German natives in remote northern Bohemia started to create glass ornaments for adornment of the Tannenbaum (fir tree) in their Yule celebration of the birth of Christ. Down through the centuries the Lauscha's glass blowers became famous for their mouth-blown glass Christmas tree ornaments.
The American dime-store magnate F. W. Woolworth introduced the German Glaskugeln to the U.S.

Old world Christmas
Many millennia ago people began to take branches into their homes to give warmth and shelter from the harsh weather to the spirits of nature, releasing them in the early spring when the first buds began to appear on the trees.
Modern Christmas 'looks' tend to come into fashion every so often, and last a few short years before swinging back to the nostalgia of the traditional decorations of old.

Good Friday Jesus on the Cross
The crucified Jesus:
Among all the religious symbols in the world, none is more universal than the cross.
It is one of the most ancient human symbols, and used by many religions, most notably Christianity. Jesus will not be known apart from his cross.

Headless Horseman
The legend of the Headless Horseman begins in Sleepy Hollow, New York.
Its said that even in modern times the Headless Horseman rides on Halloween, frightening motorists along Canton's rural roads, causing startled drivers to veer into a ditch.
Survivors say that the beams of their car's headlights shone right through horse and rider, making the frantic phantom almost invisible, until, suddenly, car and horseman seemed about to collide.

Heaven's Chef
Christmas is celebrated all around the world with cheer and good food.
Though American Christmas often features a roast and lots of eggnog, things are done differently in other cultures. Across the pond they enjoy dishes like roast goose, potato salad, homemade tamales and trifle with brandy butter. Mhmhmh, yummy!
Christmas to one and all – may you have a happy and joyous holiday season.

Seven-branched Temple Menorah
Seven branched Candelabrum in catholic parish church St Barbara, Bärnbach, Styria, Austria, designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser
The seven-branched menorah, a candelabrum used in the Temple, is one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith. It is a symbol of the nation of Israel and its mission to be "a light unto the nations."
The seven-branched menorah is the official symbol of the State of Israel.

Fall in a Vase Still-Life
In earlier times vases were only used to hold liquids, store grains, preserve the ashes of the dead, decorate gardens, hold cutlery and so on.
Today the primary use of vases is to display flowers, and the vase itself became a decorative art medium.

St Patrick's Day Shamrocks - First green of spring
The shamrock is the national emblem of Ireland and one of the icons of St. Patrick's Day. This stems from the Irish tale how Saint Patrick used a three-leafed clover to explain how the holy Trinity could exist as separate elements of the same entity.
Saint Paddy's Day (March 17) takes place a few days before the first day of spring. His clovers became a symbol for the first green of the new season.

Stained Glass Window Last Supper Saint Giles Cathedral Edinburgh Scotland
St. Giles' Cathedral or the High Kirk of Edinburgh has some of the best victorian windows in Scotland, dating from the 19th and 20th centuries, each unique in style and significance.
The stained glass windows form a continuous story over seven windows.

St. Joseph holding Baby Jesus - Catholic Church Qibao China
The Christian faith has survived many difficult times in China. The surprising news is that the Church in China is growing. Chinese Catholic communities are very much alive in spite of all the oppression they have gone through.
However: The change of attitudes and values of modern China may present the greatest challenge of all to China's Catholic Church.