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Black and white photography is a perfect lie. We must not let colour destroy this image. - Patrick Summerfield -

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Bodie CA - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
Bodie, in the Sierra Nevada, is California's best preserved ghost town, and probably the best preserved ghost town in the United States.
It is a complete town with old stores, homes, a church, school, hotel, bank, saloons, gymnasium, club, and many mining buildings, all in a state of "arrested decay".
If you like the old west and the lifestyle of the pioneers in the Gold Rush days you will love Bodie.

Garfield in the skies
The humble cloud - it somehow still manages to captivate us.
It's silly to say that clouds have emotions, but think about it: White fluffy clouds seem to be happy clouds. Gray, dreary clouds that come with rain seem to be sad clouds. Giant gray or black clouds blocking the sky seem to be threatening or scary.
Clouds are what makes the sky look interesting. They are an endless source of inspiration.

The Boxer dog - The Gentleman amongst dogs
Boxers are an incredibly graceful, independent, non-aggressive dog breed, easy-care, intelligent, athletic, gentle, willing to work, but unwilling to be ordered around. He not only wants the best food, he also wants to be handled in a civilized manner.
To have a Boxer dog as a pet means to have a one-dog home-entertainment center. A boxer is a laugh a minute, lives life to the fullest, a maximum velocity version of canine slapstick - the ideal pet for an active family.

Bristlecone Pine - Crater Lake Oregon
Way up in the mountains on a high timberline
There's a twisted old tree called the bristlecone pine
The wind there is bitter; it cuts like a knife
It keeps that tree holding on for dear life
When I'm laid to rest it would suit me just fine
To sleep at the feet of the bristlecone pine
~ Lyrics by Hugh Prestwood

Academy of Arts Dresden
The Academy of Arts on the Brühl Terrace in Dresden was named 'Lipsiusbau' after its creator, Prof. of Architecture Constantin Lipsius.
Built from 1891 - 1894 in Neo-Renaissance style, it was immediately nicknamed the "lemon squeezer".
After its partial destruction in 1945, the exhibition building of the Art Society remained unused until 2005. After its reconstruction it is, again, a very impressive location for art exhibitions.

Frauenkirche Dresden - Church of Our Lady
The Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady, dominates the skyline of Dresden, Germany.
The sacred building was erected between 1726 and 1743. Its characteristic dome, the "stone bell", collapsed under a rain of bombs in 1945. During the GDR period the ruin was an anti-war monument.
The reconstruction of this lutheran church is a symbol of international reconciliation after WWII. The rebuilding was finished in 2005.


Hoover Dam Reservoir - Architecture on a grand scale
Hoover Dam, completed in 1935, spans the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada southeast of Las Vegas. Its design has beautiful Art Deco elements, unusual in an engineering project.
The dam, larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops, is 726 ft high, 45 ft thick at the top and 660 ft at the bottom. The lake is more than 500 ft deep and holds 10 trillion gallons of water - enough to cover e.g. Connecticut 10 ft deep.

London Bridge Lake Havasu City, AZ
Folks laughed when chainsaw magnate Robert McCulloch announced he was bringing the 140-year old London Bridge to Lake Havasu City in the Arizona desert. Nobody laughs anymore.
Each block was meticulously numbered before the original bridge was disassembled. The blocks were then shipped overseas, trucked to Arizona.
Since 1971 the re-erected London Bridge is one of Arizona's biggest attractions.

Bodie A Ghost Town - Infrared
In the late 1800s, during California's gold rush era, Bodie's population exceeded 10000. The boom lasted only twenty-five years, but in that period thirty mines had taken an estimated 100 million dollars of pure gold out of the ground.
The climate was harsh, the ground hard; no power; no a/c; no hospital. And Bodie was certainly not a peaceful place. The harsh reality of the peoples' life is evident everywhere. The cemetery is poignant with many graves of small children; babies and young women.

Devil's Postpile - Frozen columns of lava
Devils Postpile in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Mammoth Lakes, California is a rare sight in the geologic world. It ranks as one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt.
Its six-sided columns tower 60 feet high and display a stunning symmetry. This regularity of shape is a most remarkable feature! Temperatures of cooling lava are rarely consistent enough to form columns such as seen here.

Bodie California - A Trip Back In Time
The road to Bodie in California's Sierra Nevada, is right in the middle of nowhere. At first you drive a very bumpy road, then you reach a sign warning you about very rough road conditions, and at the end you have to walk for two miles.
After some hills the landscape opens and gives a spectacular view on the ghost town. Going to Bodie brings you back a hundred years. The town is in very good condition.

Coyote blending in
Coyotes (Canis latrans, barking dog), also known as the American jackal, brush wolf or the prairie wolf, are native to the prairies and desert canyons of the west but have extend their range from southern Canada to Costa Rica. And they made themselves at home in cities, suburbs, and rural areas in the eastern US.
The opportunistic coyote has brains, a sense of humor, and the determination to survive. It is a very vocal animal. The howls and yips of the coyote is truly a song of the West.