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Rock Houses Vermilion Cliffs AZ
North of Flagstaff, AZ near the Vermilion Cliffs, amongst crumbling rocks and giant boulders, are several buildings, some of them literally built into the cliffside. These odd structures are the remains of a lodge that stood here about 80 years ago.
There are still families living in these shingle-roofed rock houses that cling to gigantic boulders - however unofficially.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings Colorado
The Manitou Cliff Dwellings in Manitou Springs, Colorado, U.S., is a rare historical treasure.
Built from 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1300 under a protective red sandstone overhang, the remarkably preserved ruins of the authentic Anasazi Indians cliff dwellings is a wonderful place to experience the fascinating history and architecture of these prehistoric Native Americans.

Montezuma Castle - Special in it's own way
Nestled into a limestone recess high above the flood plain of Beaver Creek in Arizona's Verde Valle, stands one of the best preserved cliff ruins in North America, Montezuma Castle.
Early settlers to the area assumed that the imposing structure was connected to the Aztec emperor Montezuma, but "Montezuma Castle" was abandoned almost a century before Montezuma was born.

Montezuma Castle Arizona
Gaze through the windows of the past into one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America. This 20 room high-rise apartment, nestled into a towering limestone cliff, tells a 1,000 year-old story of ingenuity and survival in an unforgiving desert landscape.
Marveling at this enduring legacy of the Sinagua culture reveals a people surprisingly similar to ourselves.

I am Aztec - Montezuma Castle, AZ
Supposedly built by Sinagua Culture farmers during the 12th century, Montezuma Castle in central Arizona is one of North America's best preserved Native American Indian Cliff Dwellings.
Elegantly tucked into an alcove above the Verde Valley, carved into the limestone walls, this majestic ancient 'high-rise apartment building' still stands guard over the valley below.

Three of a kind - The windows in Old Sacramento
As you enter Old Sacramento's town of historic buildings that were constructed in the early 1800s, you'll step back in time to the California Gold Rush era.
Wooden boardwalk style sidewalks, horse-drawn stagecoaches, old-fashioned candy shops and Mississippi-style riverboats give the riverfront pioneer town of Old Sacramento, west of Downtown Sacramento, a unique nostalgic flavor.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado
When looking down is even more breathtaking than looking up then you are at Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, CO.
Hanging 1053 feet high and spanning a quarter mile across the is a unique combination of human achievement and scenic beauty.
Walking or driving across the ridge is a quarter-mile journey through the clouds.

Night over Taos Pueblo New Mexico
Taos is a city in New Mexico, northeast of Santa Fe. One of its highlights is the Taos Pueblo, a Native American reservation and World Heritage site.
A very interesting part of Taos Pueblo is the cemetery. The old bell tower of the old Mission Church of San Geronimo de Taos (1619) still stands, watching over the headstones in the surrounding burial ground.

Abstract Reflections - Tucson, AZ
There is more to the glimmering high-rise glass facades than the contemporary look it provides. Glass for the facade means visual lightness and elegance, and ensures plenty of natural light.
The transparent, ethereal nature of glass allows for extraordinary creations in the world of creative architecture. Color and glass can do wonders for the human spirit.

Abstract Architecture Tucson AZ
A facade implies to more than just the external surface of a structure. It is the most cummunicative element of a building - its outer "skin".
When this skin also carries an expression of man's ideas, makes an appeal to his emotions and aesthetic sensibilities, responds to his need for order and provides a backdrop for his activities: it becomes a face.

Abstract Reflections - Tucson, AZ
Horizontal and vertical lines and a reflective glass facade lend a quality to a building that fires our imagination.
The glass facades of buildings are subtle puzzles, mingling with the reflections of their neighbors in reality. This process of visual concentration creates a more intense impression of reality than the direct perception of the real objects would allow.

Sundial bridge - A glass-and-steel sculpture
Sundial Bridge (or Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay) - crosses the Sacramento River in the heart of Redding, CA.
The 700-foot long, 23-foot wide bridge gets its name from a unique design feature: Its 217-ft high tower is also a working sundial!
This bridge is a sculpture - a visual sensation! From the hills it looks like a giant fish displaying its beautiful white fin out of blue water.